Meet the newest addition to our team, Dejia Burdick!

Hey friends! 

Great news for all of our new pals down in Tacoma, we just added a new teacher to our team.

Just Add Yoga community, meet Dejia Burdick. Dejia, meet the Just Add Yoga Community. 

We are so, so lucky that she has joined our team. Not only does she value bad jokes (duh!) and the mysteries of fascia, she is an experienced Yoga, Barre, and Yoga Tune Up instructor. She teaches in the Seattle area and is just dipping her toes into the Tacoma Yoga community after her move down there.  

A few things to know about Dejia:

  1. Her energy is contagious! 
  2. She makes her own high vibe jewelry.
  3. Ummm, she can walk on stilts. Seriously!

The rest we'll leave for you to find out when you meet her for Beer + Yoga at Peaks and Pints on December 9. 


Jess + Dawn