We are heading to the Northwest Tequila Fest!


Say what?! We are back for our Second Annual Tequila + Yoga class the Northwest Tequila Fest

Last year, we were up on the roof at the Fremont Foundry and this year we are heading down south to the Renton Pavillon. Lots of bright light and windows, roll up garage doors, the original 70-foot-span wood bowstring arches and the concrete post and beam exterior frame, giving it a great historical feel!  

Ok, now onto the details of Yoga at the Northwest Tequila Fest. THEY ARE LEGIT! 

Not sure how many of you know this story, but our friend Devlin (the owner of the Great Nabob, The Leary Traveler, Northwest Tequila Fest, and many other ventures) hosted our very first Beer + Yoga class. When we approached him about hosting the class, his response was 'Fuck yeah, let's try it!"

Of course, this is the response that we were hoping for. And boy did it work out! Little did we know at the time, his generosity in hosting that class would be the kickstarter for this amazing community. 

Jess teaching on the table at Traveler Montlake. 

Jess teaching on the table at Traveler Montlake. 

Mimosas + Warrior II with Kendall and Rosie

Mimosas + Warrior II with Kendall and Rosie

In the same way that Devlin was ALL IN on our class, he and his business partner Jackie channel all that same energy into their events. They pull out all the stops! Here's a little more about the festival in their own words:

"We started Northwest Tequila Fest in the Summer of 2012 because we LOVE tequila and mezcal, and we think the world should too! Whether you drink it straight, on the rocks, or mixed up in a cocktail, these spirits are some of the most unique on the planet, and we think they deserve a festival to celebrate!

Every year, we gather 100% agave brands in Seattle for the largest tequila and mezcal tasting event in the Pacific Northwest. We have more than 150 agave spirits, with representatives from each brand present to answer your questions, chat about history, or in some cases, pour you a unique cocktail to sip on. We also hope our little Fest will give you a new appreciation for the culture of Tequila and Mezcal. With an astounding raw product distilled the same way for centuries, these spirits are integral to the Mexican culture and made proudly and steeped in tradition.

To drink Agave is to drink of Mexico itself. So, whether you are a Tequila Geek, a newcomer to the world of agave, or one of those who are on the fence about making tequila their spirit of choice, join us for our yearly celebration of all things agave." 

NWTF is a benefit for the Benevolent Guild of Seattle, who’s mission is committed exclusively to assisting children, charities, and support groups in the Puget Sound area. Visit: seattlebenevolentguild.org

On the roof at the Fremont Foundry at the NW Tequila Fest 2016

On the roof at the Fremont Foundry at the NW Tequila Fest 2016


  • Exclusive VIP event on Friday night
  • One-on-one hang out time with distillers and producers 
  • First dibs to place orders on the Northwest Tequila Fest on-site, tax-free retail store
  • 12 Tequila Tastes at the event + Special Glencairn tasting glass
  • A snazzy Northwest Tequila Fest T-shirt 
  • Music, cocktails, and bites in the VIP area during the festival
  • Access to the Northwest Tequila Festival 
  • YOGA!

Majority of our events begin mid-morning. However, this event will be going down at 1:45 pm on September 9. We will get early access to the event (3 pm!) instead of the average joe 4 pm entry. YES! 

If this sounds like your jam, you can grab a ticket to Tequila + Yoga here. Make sure to do it through our site so that you can receive your $10 discount on the regular price. 


Jess + Dawn

PS: If Tequila doesn't sit right with you (some of us may have had way too many shots in college), on September 10, Lizzie will be leading Beer/Wine + Yoga at Des Voigne Cellars and Brewing in Woodinville. You really can't go wrong. Get your ticket here.