Why Cannabis + Yoga?

As you may know, we are all about the Yoga and Booze at Just Add Yoga. Pretty sure that's no longer a secret. 

This is us...all the time.

A good IPA, a spicy margarita, and even a tasty glass of Chardonnay post yoga give us all the feels. We firmly believe that being in community, moving our bodies, and having fun are the cures to so many of our ills. (Anyone else feel better after a little whiskey when they are sick?)

Over the lifetime of our business, many of you have approached us about moving away from the booze and offering Cannabis + Yoga classes. While the timing wasn't quite right before (the law is a real bummer sometimes!), we are happy to say, we will be offering our very first Cannabis + Yoga class on March 25th at the Cedar Room. 

Now, you should know that your requests for this class do mean a lot to us, but you can owe all this goodness to our teacher, Erin Allan.  Her life-altering experience with the pairing of Cannabis and Yoga is the reason this class exists and why you should attend! 

So, instead of us yammering on about her, we will let her tell you her story. 

Erin is the best!

My story starts with a tale not all that unique.  Girl grows up, girl goes to school to follow her passion, girl wants to make a difference in the world, girl gets slapped in the face with reality.

My particular slap in the face came 9 years into a career in therapy, where I worked with children and families in particularly challenging circumstances.  Then, I hit a wall. I realized that I could no longer help anyone else because I had lost the ability to help myself.

I reached a point of such deep depression, complete with horrible habits of never exercising, and eating all of my emotions, to the point that I became suicidal.  I was significantly overweight, I was taking anti-depressants, anti-anxiety meds, and sleeping pills.

In an effort to further run away from my problems I tried smoking Cannabis. Cannabis was something that I had occasionally used recreationally, with friends, at parties, etc. I thought it would help me escape and numb the pain – boy was I wrong. The first time I smoked alone, with no alcohol in my system, no voices in my ears, no external stimulation from the TV; it was so powerfully transformative I struggle to even find words to describe it.  

See, here’s the thing about weed, like anything in life, it’s all about your intentions. Can you smoke recreationally and have a great time with your friends? Sure! Can you smoke yourself into a coma and forget your issues? Sure! BUT, you can also use this amazing plant to further your personal journey.  When I smoked with this intention, I was instantly transported to my body; feeling sensations that were there all along, but that I had been ignoring for so long. Thoughts that I had been hiding in boxes in my brain came flooding into the forefront of my mind.

I’ve heard yogis and meditation experts describe a state of awareness that seemed so far out of reach, and I felt like I found the cheat sheet.  

Cheat sheet meme.jpg

There was one hiccup though, I also happen to be married to a Federal Agent who believed everything D.A.R.E. taught him about drugs. Cannabis is still federally illegal. He was adamantly against this. Thankfully, with a whole lot of research, along with seeing the positive effects that this magical plant had on my life with his own eyes, he got on board.

Thus began my journey of healing. I started vaping cannabis every morning when I woke up, I would go for a long walk, do some yoga, and meditate. Through the combination of these practices, I was able to go off ALL my medications, lose 60lbs, and lift myself out of the

It was cannabis that introduced my mind to my body, providing this ‘shortcut’, but it was the practice of yoga that transformed me. Yoga brought a level of body awareness that I had never previously experienced. Through breath, movement, awareness for and appreciation of the present moment, I found comfort, I found myself.

I quickly realized that spending $50,000 on a master’s degree was not a reason to keep a job I hated. I knew that in order to stay true to myself, I needed to continue working in a field that helped people, and that cannabis and yoga was where I needed to be.  

With this in mind, I became a certified yoga teacher, packed my bags, and headed to where I could legally work in the field of cannabis, Seattle. After working in the cannabis field for 2 and a half years, and having taught over 1,500 hours of yoga in 5 years, I am ready to combine my two passions and share them with the world!

- Erin

Erin says hi.

Erin says hi.

Goodness, gracious. Not sure about you, but we are so inspired by Erin's story!  Can you see why we decided to make this one of our offerings with her at the helm?

Come join us for an evening of relaxing introspective practice with Erin and DJ Jenn Green, whether you choose to use Cannabis or not. No vinyasas here, you won’t even have to stand up! This class is for all bodies, regardless of your prior experience with cannabis, yoga, or combination of the two.

After class, you will have the opportunity to build community by getting to know people who may be new to the world of cannabis yoga and others who may have an already cultivated passion for it. In addition, a vendor from a popular and well-regarded local cannabis company will be on site answering any questions and providing un-infused Mr. Moxey's Mints edible samples

Want in on this incredible Cannabis + Yoga experience with Erin? 


Jess, Dawn, and the whole Just Add Yoga Crew