Connect with Dawn

Dawn Hood

Dawn has a passion for everything fitness. She loves that her job allows her to share this devotion with friends, family, and students.

When Dawn says she has a passion for fitness, she's not joking around! Her certifications and regular activities reflect that. Outside the gym or studio, her favorite things to do include running, skiing, mountain biking, hiking, cycling, paddle boarding or climbing. Dawn may be from Baltimore, but she sure has some PNW interests.

While Yoga takes the lead as her favorite thing to teach, she is also certified as a personal trainer, group exercise and spin instructor, TRX suspension training leader, and barre. 

This east coast transplant has a clear and upfront style of teaching. When you attend one of her classes, you can expect a challenging flow with a few longer holds sprinkled in for variety. Her energetic and encouraging nature is contagious. 

A few fun facts about Dawn:

She hates beets. Beets taste like dirt.

She does not have a favorite boozy beverage, because well, she doesn't like to discriminate.

On a whim, she moved crossed country to Seattle.

Once EVERY SINGLE MONTH for a year, she ran a half-marathon.