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Connect with Erin

Erin Allan

After working almost a decade in the counseling field, Erin found helping others using only techniques employed by traditional therapy was shortsighted, lacking resonance. She yearned for something more and suspected others felt the same. Thus, began a Erin’s deeper exploration and application of yogic principals. She has since taught a variety of yoga styles to students in a wide array of settings. 

Erin is lighthearted in her approach to teaching and encourages others to have fun with their practice. Her classes will invite you to challenge yourself, all the while reminding you to listen to and honor your body wherever it might be in the moment. 

A few fun facts about Erin:

She recently fulfilled a long-time dream of hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu (and it damn near killed her!)

She is terrified of ostriches.

Erin and her husband both have mother’s that are former nuns. What are the odds? 

Although they don’t have kids of their own, Erin was briefly a foster parent and has a dark but fascinating story to tell about it…feel free to ask if you are interested. 

Join Erin for class at Scratch Distillery!