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Connect with Lizzie

Lizzie Braicks

Lizzie is a Seattle yoga teacher and blogger. She came to yoga after a slew of injuries from her D1 rowing days that left her achy and in need of a new physical challenge. 

Her classes tend to be athletic, goofy, challenging, and invigorating. When's she not chugging coffee or taking pictures of her dog, you can find her teaching people all things yoga at donuts + down dog.  

A few fun facts about Lizzie:

She is completely addicted to hummus. One she stopped eating it and immediately lost 7 pounds! 

Her favorite boozy beverage is any good Hefe. Key word: ANY. 

She once volunteered in the middle of the jungle in Thailand to help rehabilitate monkeys. 

She has seen every episode of Gossip Girl no fewer than 4 times.