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Why Booze + Yoga?

We love Yoga. We enjoy a good drink. We thrive on community. 

Not long ago, we despised yoga. No joke, we know what it's like to be the person who can't sit still or is constantly wondering 'why is that teacher OMMMMing?' Luckily, we stuck it out and yoga turned our worlds upside down. It changed us and not in a Stranger Things kind of way. We had to create an avenue to share yoga with the skeptics like us.

After many beers and brunches attempting to figure out a fun way to make our vision a reality, one day the light bulb went off. What better way to get people together than to combine two of our favorite things, Booze and Yoga?

Our classes provide an approachable and casual way to practice yoga. We believe that yoga doesn't have to be so serious. You don't have to be able to do the splits or stand on your head. You don't even have to be able to touch your toes.

Join us for yoga at the bar, whether it's your first class or your 1000th. 

While I definitely broke into a sweat during the class, I never felt intimidated. My fellow yogis seemed to be a nice mix of beginners and ‘yoga experts.’ You won’t even have to know any complicated yoga speak. For example, at the end of the class I took, instead of closing with the traditional ‘Namaste,’ the teacher closed with a simple ‘cheers.’
— Kayda Norman

Just Add Yoga allowed my boyfriend and I to find common ground with a weekend workout and exploring the local craft beers in Seattle. They encourage their classes to laugh out loud, learn through mistakes, and work for the reward of great drinks and company at the end. Just Add Yoga has found a unique way to blend mindfulness, fitness, and strength with a laid back, fun, and social atmosphere. It’s addicting!’
— Liz Swary
I can tell you I was beyond thrilled when I discovered Just Add Yoga! The joining of my two favorite activities while meeting like-minded folks in the community was a WIN-WIN !

They have done a fabulous job creating a space where yogis, non-yogis , and BEER lovers can come together and share the room in a fun and supportive environment. I love the opportunity to break out of my standard yoga practice and walk into an un-conventional space with non-judgmental attitudes.

To top it off, we are sharing a beverage at the end and meeting new friends. What’s not to love about that!? Cheers!
— Melissa Miller
Just Add Yoga has fantastic instructors. They make their classes fun, beginner-friendly and offer a challenging yoga session. It’s a great way to get a workout, meet cool people and have a nice ice cold beer all in one stop.
— Tim Gillette

For real, our events are fun.