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Casey Petersen

Casey Petersen was forced into Yoga in 2001 by her college volleyball coach. He thought it would maybe help her jump and bend at her elbows and knees. It didn’t, but she slowly began to love the other benefits including becoming a less shitty person and being physical in a non-competitive environment. 

After 8 years of twice weekly practice, a teacher at 24 hour fitness recommended she try an actual studio and after one class she was hooked. 

 “I feel that the most important effect of yoga will be seen when I’m old and my body still works”. When asked for her advice for first-timers she says “doing something, anything, for the first time is heroic and brave. Doing yoga is an opportunity to pay attention to yourself in a new way and that nobody is good at Yoga, we’re just trying to be good at being ourselves.”

A few fun facts about Casey:

She still doesn’t really bend at her knees and elbows

She took a two-year hiatus from Seattle to hike from Mexico to Canada and then biked it back. 

She loves sandwiches. 

Join Casey for class at Almquist Family and the Beer + Yoga Retreat.