Just Add Yoga

Event Host Responsibilities



  1. Arrive 1 hour-ish before the event begins.

  2. Survey space for cleanliness. Make sure the floor is clean and any hazards are moved out of the way.

  3. Speak to the venue host to set up music. Make sure that some music is playing when people arrive.  Music can be switched out for the teacher’s music when class begins. For some reason, this takes the most time to do out of any set up tasks.

  4. Setup swag on 1 or 2 two tables depending on the venue. Set out tees & tanks, promotional cards, business cards, loyalty cards. Edit the signs with the appropriate hashtag (#beerplusyoga, #wineplusyoga, #whiskeyplusyoga, etc)

  5. Decide the best way for the class to face to utilize space, for photos, etc.

  6. Make sure the apps (Eventbrite, Square) for the event are set up and ready to go . If you have any setup issues, please contact us. 

Attendee Arrival

  1. Check in attendees on the Eventbrite Organizer App. Click the check in tab. Swipe right on the attendee’s name to check them in.

  2. Say hi and introduce yourself to each attendee. We like to acknowledge each attendee by name as they come in.

  3. Direct the attendees to where they set up their mat and give them a heads up that we may have to adjust the setup as more people arrive.

  4. Hand each booze+ yoga attendee a ticket for their first drink.

  5. Remind the teacher that we end the class with ‘Cheers!’ instead of ‘Namaste’. We like to say ‘In your traditional yoga class this would be the time when we say Namaste, but since we’re about to share a drink together we say Cheers’ or something along that line.

Class Introduction

  1. Once everyone has arrived or at the class start time, find your way to the front of the class to introduce what we do as well as the teacher.

  2. Highlight what Just Add Yoga is and the mission.

  3. Introduce the teacher giving any information you think is relevant about the instructor.

During Class

  1. Take lots of photos; more than you think is reasonable. We use them for all kinds of marketing and can edit less than stellar photos. Ha! See below for suggested shot list.

  2. Avoid taking ‘butt’ photos, i.e. photos of down dog and child’s pose from behind. See photo shot list below.

  3. Depending on the size of the class, attempt to take photos from all angles in the room. You will get better at this over time. It will feel way less like you are in the way the more you do it.

  4. You can highlight the fact that you will be taking photos during your class introduction if you like. We like to joke about people being ‘instafamous.’

End of Class

  1. Join the teacher in the front of the room during Savasana/Corpse Pose.

  2. After the teacher leads a ‘Cheers’ namaste you have the floor.

  3. Thank attendees for coming and get them stoked about having a drink.

  4. Give them a run down of our upcoming events. We will give you a list prior to your event.

  5. Introduce the attendees to our loyalty program and prompt them to get a stamp from you.

  6. Send them off for a drink and get to know someone new. Encourage them to take their time and clean up their mats. Someone from the venue should be setting up tables for you as well as serving the attendees.


After Class

  1. Change the music to something more upbeat or ask the venue to change it to what they would like.

  2. Attend to the swag table, selling people shirts/tanks via Square. Open the Square Point of Sale App on your phone. Click on the bottom right list button. Find the item you want to sell and select. Toggle on the size and click add. Press the ‘Charge’ button and follow the prompts to complete the purchase. If you make a mistake or want to change something, click the ‘Current Sale’ button at the top. Touch the down arrow in the top right corner and click ‘Clear the sale.’ If we do not have a size in stock, they can purchase directly from www.boozyyogatees.com.

  3. Stamp loyalty cards

  4. Get yourself a drink!

  5. Chit chat with the folks in class. Attempt to connect them with others in the room.

  6. Take a group photo. Make sure to grab them once they have a drink, but before they get too comfortable.

  7. Once it looks like things are winding down (usually 1-1.5 hours after class), pack up the swag and marketing materials and pop them back in the box. It’s totally ok to leave people behind when it’s time for you to go. There are always a few stragglers, especially if the event includes food.

  8. Send follow up notes and upload photos to google album.

Photo Shot List

  1. Opening shots - people chatting, setting up their mats, conversing

  2. Seated poses

  3. Standing Poses

  4. Savasana

  5. Social Photos

  6. Group photos - smiling and silly shots with all of the attendees, shots of individual group

  7. Anything else you think is relevant!


Please contact us if you need help before, during, or after class! 

Jess: 206-850-7208 or jess@justaddyogaevents.com

Dawn: 410-207-5682 or dawn@justaddyogaevents.com