Connect with Jess

Jess Fleming

Jess finds inspiration in movement - both professionally and personally. With a degree in Kinesiology and a background as both a collegiate athlete and collegiate strength coach - movement and wellness have played a huge role in Jess' life. She believes that movement is best used as a tool to live the most fulfilling life possible. 

She has a special interest in the basic foundations of movement. Jess' classes lay down a solid bedrock for students in a clear, approachable way. This allows for an environment of humor and fun, while also being equal parts challenging, educational, and grounded. 

A few fun facts about Jess:

A few summers ago, she took off on a three week solo trip to Europe that spontaneously turned into seven. Her favorite part? Surf Camp in Portugal. 

The sun will burn out before her love of Mexican food and margaritas even begin to fade.  

Her friends call her the dog whisperer. 

She has Rainman-like abilities when it comes to recalling song lyrics. Challenge her when you come to class. If you win, she will buy you a beer.