Connect with Jessie

Jessie Lipscomb

Jessie has been involved with athletics since she was a kid - soccer, track & cross country being her calling. She uses yoga as a stress reliever to help with emotional balance as well as physically as far as stretching & fluidity. She also connects with the mat she always uses - her late Mothers yoga mat so there's a spiritual connection as well. 

When she's not chatting with the Just Add Yoga community, she's operating a small business that started as a digital graphics company but is quickly transitioning it's focus to women empowerment. Check her out at Momma Lips Prints on Etsy.  

A few fun facts about Jessie:

Her favorite past time is paddle boarding.

Making vectors & graphics are her thing.

She could pizza every day of the week and not get tired of it. Second that sentiment with Ginger ale.

Join Jessie for class at 7 Seas!