Connect with Kory

Kory Rigler

Kory is a yoga teacher and dance instructor in the Seattle area, as well as a runner, hiker, and avid nature enthusiast. She is also a veteran and runs the Seattle chapter of Vetoga, a non-profit that focuses on teaching yoga to veterans. So she basically specializes in teaching yoga to people who don't "do" yoga. In her classes you will find a focus on breath, connection, and the opportunity to honor your individual needs. Of course, some playfulness will be thrown in, because like life, yoga shouldn't always be so serious.

A few fun facts about Kory:

She has three kids, two dogs, a cat, and a tarantula (oh, and a husband creature too).

She has a deep love for all things artsy. Dance of course, but also poetry, paintings, drawings, music. She says these things give her life and feed her soul. Just beware that any poet she brings up will be "one of her favorites".

She is also a pretty big nerd with a deep love for comics (Saga is her favorite), Superheroes (Batman especially), and Star wars.

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