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Connect with Megan

Megan Percy

Megan embarked on her yoga journey at the age of fifteen when one of her dance instructors recommended that she try yoga. Turns out, she fell head over heels for yoga. While pursuing her Kinesiology degree at Western Washington, she began teaching her fellow students. She enjoys teaching classes that leave you feeling buzzed with happiness, encouraging you to do what feels good (even if you're the only one doing it!) 

Megan is a movement coach, coffee slinger, foodie and beer connoisseur. She is happiest when outside with loved ones and teaching others how to move their body! 

A few fun facts about Megan:

She obsessed with Sushi (specifically rainbow rolls.)  

She is related to the American outlaw Jesse James. 

Clubbell Yoga is her jam.

She has a fondness for the color green.