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Rachel Anna

Burnt out on life and healing from an running injury, Rachel reluctantly stepped into her first yoga class. Even though she was EXTREMELY inflexible, she continued to practice because she found that she could finally move without pain. YES! Her continued practice brought deep healing and joy.

As a registered nurse, Rachel strives to infuse a deeper knowledge of health, so that she might empower students to connect body, mind, and heart through this inward journey that will help them access joy and healing off and on the mat.

A few fun facts about Rachel:

The wandering yogini, she has traveled to almost 30 countries!

She love exploring culture, meeting new people, and eating all of the foods while wandering. 

hen she isn't teaching yoga, she works as a labor and delivery nurse and helps bring babies into the world!

Join Rachel for class at 7 Seas and Rhein Haus!