Covered Campsite

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covered campsite 1.png
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Covered Campsite

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This ticket gets you access to a campsite that includes Power, Water, Sewer, and Controlled Lighting- The sites are 30’ deep by 20’ wide. These sites are sweet for your van, truck bed camper, tent, or one of those sweet little tear drop trailer numbers! Each site is covered and out of the elements so you can stay comfy if the weather comes in. A reserved parking space is reserved right at your site!

If you would like to share a campsite with someone, choose the ‘shared’ campsite option. If you would like a room to yourself, choose the ‘private’ option. Prices listed are per person.

Rooms or campsites listed as shared means that you will share the space with one other person.

Rooms or campsites listed as private means you will have the space all to yourself. 

Prices listed are per person and cover the WHOLE retreat, not just the cost of the room!

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