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Connect with Rosie

Rosie Llewellyn

Rosie lives for creativity and is all about the art vibes. With her love for yoga and adventure, she gravitates towards nature for inspiration and infuses her observations through movement. As an artist, writing has been a passion from the time she could hold a pen. This mix of perspective opened the space to express her vivid imagination which blossoms into a variety of works from poetry to visual/conceptual art. Her appreciation for travel, especially within the West Indies, continues to shape her curiosity of the world and the unique arrangement we take part in it. 

Rosie teaches yoga in a playful way that draws your potential into focus. She encourages the unconventional and abstract while exploring a new point of view in the direction of your authentic self. 

Based out of Seattle, you can catch Rosie at a few local studios or explore her collaborations and workshops through her business/muse name, Rosie In Space.

A few fun facts about Rosie:

She wrote, illustrated and published "Rosie In Space” during her 4th grade year of school.

She's been called a crazy plant lady

She's originally from the Caribbean 

She wants to write a book titled Art School Drop Out, cause it's a true story